What is a design/build?

A design/build project brings together the full project team at the outset. While configurations may vary, a typical team includes an exhibit designer, media designer, exhibit fabricator/installer, and media integrator

What are the benefits of a design/build?

A design/build approach is efficient. Because the team operates throughout the project’s life cycle, time and effort is saved by not having to bring new team members “up to speed” after the design phase.

The process is highly collaborative. Team members work together to identify and resolve potential problems or restraints in the early stages of design when applying solutions will have the least impact on budget and design vision.

What is the typical contract arrangement?

Design/build projects may operate under a number of contracting arrangements. It is common for the exhibit fabricator to act as the prime contractor and sub-contract with the other team members, often because the fabricator is more capable of bonding the full project. It is not unusual for the client to execute separate contracts with each partner company. Some clients chose a middle ground with multiple contracts but some team companies subbed to either a designer or a fabricator.

How are the design/build partner companies selected? Do you work with a preselected group of companies?

Each exhibit project is unique. D&P works with clients to determine their needs and proposes project partners who, in our experience, are best suited to achieve that client’s vision. There are many factors that go into the selection of the project team’s partners including prior experience, location, subject matter expertise, and schedule.  D&P provides credential materials for each proposed team members for client review and approval before selecting a final team

What if I already have companies in mind?

We have worked with many companies across the country in all aspects of exhibit design and production. We are pleased to partner with your preferred vendors and work out mutually agreeable contracting arrangements with the client and proposed team members.