The Museum of the Bible Opens / by Liz Maurer

The Museum of the Bible (MOTB), our latest project, opened November 17, 2017. This project stands out for the complexity and visitor experience.

The Museum is housed in the historic 1923 Terminal Refrigerating and Warehousing Co. building, whose last use was as the Washington Design Center. It rises over eight stories and occupies 430,000 square feet, making it one of the largest museums in Washington, DC.

"We try to create the contextual setting,” says Museum of the Bible president Cary Summers. “We want to say, ‘Here’s what it looked like; here’s how it felt to be there.’”

D&P’s scope included fabrication, installation, and media integration for the fourth floor’s History of the Bible. The exhibition immerses visitors in the Bible’s journey through time, technology, and culture. Designed by The PRD Group--who were also responsible for overall project coordination for all exhibit teams--History of the Bible explores the Bible as a collection of oral traditions and writings. Initially accessible to very few, the Bible underwent major changes in form, making is available to increasingly wider communities around the world. Until today, when it has become the most widely read text in history. History of the Bible features more than 600 artifacts and 50 media programs spread over 30,000 square feet and organized into 11 galleries.

PRD’s innovative approach combined theatrical experiences, engaging media and hands-on interactives, rare artifacts, and subtle theming to create a story-driven visitor experience. Collaborating with an international team of scholars, the designers immerse visitors in the story of the Bible’s journey through time, technology, and culture to its contemporary form.  

Drive Thru History: The History of the Bible theater

Drive Thru History: The History of the Bible theater


Fifty four media programs invite visitors to explore the story of the Bible. Not to be missed is the Drive Thru History of the Bible Theater, a 75-seat, surround sound theater where visitors experience an action-adventure overview of the Bible’s history produced by Coldwater Media.


Richard Lewis Media Group produced more than fifty additional media experiences including multi-user touch tables, video productions, and interactive media. All fulfill the Museum of the Bible’s mission to “invite all people to engage with the Bible” through immersive and personalized experiences.

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