Exhibit Fabrication and Installation

The museum community recognizes D&P as an advocate of highly collaborative project processes. We understand the passion, patience, and perseverance required to create a successful exhibit and value the intense work that goes into exhibit planning and development. We respect our clients' goals and the project designers' intent, and we strive to be faithful to both with the ultimate goal of delivering a completely satisfying, on-time, and on-budget project.

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D&P provides the following services for design/build and design/bid projects:

  • Pre-construction services
  • Project management
  • Cost estimating and exhibit budgeting
  • Mock-ups and prototyping
  • Exhibit production, engineering, and detailing
  • Exhibit fabrication and installation
  • Graphic design support and production
  • Media and lighting systems design, engineering, and integration
  • Lighting systems
  • Interactive engineering and production
  • Artifact mounting