D&P is recognized in the museum community as an advocate of highly collaborative project management. Pre-fabrication services bring the client, content developers, designers, and project managers/fabricators together to develop an execution plan that will achieve the project’s interpretive, schedule, and budget goals. Our pre-fabrication consulting services begin before an exhibit project’s final design, often between 35% and 65% of design. Our objective is to effect a seamless transition from concept to fabrication and installation by identifying and resolving potential challenges before they impact execution.  

During pre-fabrication consulting, we work with the client and the client’s designer to analyze the project’s build-ability. Our engineering team builds the project in Autocad to test proof of concept, while the Lead Estimator produces interim budget analyses and the Project Manager develops preliminary schedules. We recommend project approaches based on our knowledge and experience, as well as the client's budget and priorities.

pre-fabrication services

  • Design and scope coordination with Architect and GC
  • Detailed budgets and schedules for each area by exhibit
  • Preliminary audiovisual systems engineering and sample hardware for testing purposes
  • Detailed audiovisual systems drawings including Equipment Plans, System Block Diagrams, and Rack Elevations
  • Material recommendations, producibility analyses, and value engineering
  • Cost estimating at strategic phases to ensure budget adherence

We understand the passion, patience, and perseverance required to create a successful exhibit and value the level of work that contributes to its planning and development stages. We respect our clients’ goals and the project designer’s intent and strive to be faithful to both with the ultimate goal of delivering a completely satisfying, on-time, and on-budget project.